Cidex OPA Test Strips


Accurate High Level Disinfectant Testing with OPA Test Strips

Over the past five years, numerous infections caused by improperly cleaned medical scopes have occurred around the world. These outbreaks indicate how critical it is to properly complete all steps of the instrument cleaning process. High Level Disinfectant solutions used with these medical scopes must be at the required concentration to achieve the proper level of disinfection. Our Cidex OPA Test strips are designed to ensure that concentrations of ortho- phthalaldehyde, the active ingredient in Cidex® OPA Solution is at or above the Minimum Effective Concentration (MEC). This test strip is also designed for use with the MetriCide® OPA Plus™. Our strips quickly and accurately tests disinfectant solutions prior to use.

Current Standards for testing High Level Disinfectants.

The SGNA 2016 publication “Standards of Infection Prevention in Reprocessing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes” highlights the proper use of High Level Disinfectants. Solutions must be tested before each load using a product specific test strips to ensure the solution is above the minimum effective concentration (MEC). Quality control recommendations for test strips should be followed and testing logs should be maintained.

Why choose Serim® DISINTEK™ Test Strips for Cidex OPA and MetriCide OPA Plus solutions?

Our test strips can be used with both Cidex OPA Solution and MetriCide OPA Plus Solution and provide results within 60 seconds. Our strips are 510K cleared by the FDA and have the longest open bottle-use-life in the HLD market

Test Range:

The color developed on the Serim DISINTEK OPA Test Strip indicator pad indicates whether the concentration of ortho-phthalaldehyde in the disinfectant solution is above or below the MEC of 0.3%.

FAIL - the color of the indicator pad is blue; indicating the concentration of ortho-phthalaldehyde is at or below the 0.3% MEC.

PASS - the color of the indicator pad is green; indicating the concentration of ortho-phthalaldehyde is above the 0.3% MEC.

Test Time:

Cidex OPA Test strips Test Time:
Semi-quantitative – 60 seconds

MetriCide OPA Plus Test TIME:
Semi-quantitative – 60 seconds

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Product Options:

Product CodeDescriptionPack Size
5121 DISINTEK OPA Test Strips 1 kit with 2 bottles of 50 strips