The SERIM® GUARDIAN™ HiSENSE™ Test Kit provides a convenient means for indicating low levels of total chlorine (chloramines and/or free chlorine) in water used to prepare dialysate.

The AAMI Standard has established maximum allowable levels for chlorine of 0.5 ppm and 0.1 ppm for chloramine. According to Guidance Document ANSI/AAMI RD62: 2006, a single test for total chlorine may be used with the maximum allowable concentration of 0.1 ppm total chlorine.

AAMI and NANT recommend that feed water samples be obtained after the first carbon tank to monitor chlorine/chloramine levels. It is also very important that the water system be in full operation for at least 15 to 20 minutes before the water is tested.

For more information refer to the HiSENSE product insert.

Test Range:

A negative result from a HiSENSE Test Strip indicates the total chlorine concentration in treated water is less than the maximum allowable concentration of 0.1 ppm for chloramine. (The chloramine concentration will always be less than or equal to the total chlorine concentration.)

A positive result indicates that the total chlorine concentration in the treated water is greater than of 0.1 ppm and the water should not be used to prepare dialysate.  The carbon adsorption media in the water purification system may need to be replaced.

Test Time:

Qualitative – 5-8 minutes

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Product Options:

Product CodeDescriptionPack Size
5109 HiSENSE Test Strips 1 kit - 5 bottles of 20 strips, 1 bottle of Reagent solution, 1 strip holder
5109AP HiSENSE Accessory Pack 4 bottles of Reagent Solution, 4 strip holders, 4 product inserts
5100QC Chlorine Control Pack 1 kit - 1 bottle of 20 chlorine control tablets, 5 sample cups