Customized Services

Customized Services

Serim Research offers customized services based on our dry-reagent technology and innovative approach to analyte testing. These capabilities include contract manufacturing, product development, product evaluation and private label products. Our facility is FDA registered and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (specific for medical devices). Please contact us at 574.264.3440 or 800.542.4670 for more information.

Private Label Products

Serim products may be available in a private label version for your specialized use or distribution. Your label builds brand recognition, differentiates you from your competitors and gives you marketing independence. Private labeled Serim product offers your customers a one-stop shopping convenience and can provide your company additional income through a new line of consumable products.

Contract Manufacturing

Serim’s specialized and innovative manufacturing process can provide a solution for your specific testing needs. Our expertise in dry-reagent technology can help you expand your current business capabilities, and explore new markets. We provide a range of manufacturing services from intermediate materials to the finished product including customized packaging and labels. Our manufacturing capabilities allow production of small to large volumes based on market needs. Our contract manufacturing services can help reduce your product costs through our established supplier relationships. Additionally, our contract manufacturing expertise includes protection of your intellectual properties and utilizing an established Quality Management System.

Product Development

Serim’s expertise in research, development and manufacturing applying dry reagent technology can help reduce your costs and product development time. Our Research and Development staff can design and develop new products or modify and improve an existing product required for your specialized testing needs.

Product Evaluation

Our Research and Development staff can provide tailored evaluation services to determine product compatibility, to evaluate effectiveness or to improve quality assessments. Reports of testing process and results provided as required.